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Carbon Relay designs and builds energy-saving products that outperform traditional alternatives, by 5x or more. 

We use AI to turn your big energy savings goals into reality. Here's how:

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Companies that have their own data centers know that keeping them cool is one of their largest costs (roughly 40% of the total energy cost per facility).

Yet, data centers are big, complex, and each one is unique—so a “one-size-fits-all” model just doesn’t work—incumbent products deliver marginal results because they just can’t keep up.

So we use artificial intelligence that can keep up. Our all-encompassing model works in real time to capture, understand, and act—helping you to make major cost savings a reality and reduce carbon emissions. Check out Optimize and Predict products—we'll show you how we enable customers to take their data center energy efficiency and cost savings to entirely new levels. 



Analytics and Continuous Control Maximize Results, one Micro Change at a Time
Carbon Relay’s Optimize solution uses AI and automated control to leave the inefficiencies of human-implemented actions behind without relinquishing human supervision.

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Key technologies used

Deep reinforcement learning (DRL) uses algorithms that learn how to attain a complex goal, like winning a chess match.  ‘Reinforcement’ comes in the form of rewards algorithms earn by making the right decisions. Instead of relying on known correct answers, in the DRL model, agents interact with an environment to learn which choices are optimal.  

Augmented Intelligence aims to help people make better decisions, rather than replacing them. This form of AI builds on what people know and enhances that intelligence, thereby accelerating the decision-making process. Augmented Intelligence is a ‘best of both worlds’ approach: machine-driven data processing and analytics at scale, combined with the unique human touch.