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Carbon Relay is a strongly capitalized start-up with breakthrough AI technologies that help large enterprises overcome their energy-related operational challenges. Our products target energy inefficiency in data centers, a growing financial problem that also poses emissions-related regulatory risks.

Where human-driven approaches fall short, the Carbon Relay team saw a potential breakthrough opportunity—harness the power of AI to create much higher energy efficiency gains in data centers. So we built products that attack the problem using deep reinforcement learning and augmented intelligence.

Our products are fully compatible with and can seamlessly connect to customers’ existing systems. This approach enables customers to produce better results and create more value from their prior investments in IoT platforms, data visualization tools, and HVAC systems.

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The results that Carbon Relay solutions deliver speak for themselves

Dramatically higher energy cost savings – 5X or more than traditional products
No need to provide operations data upfront – much faster time to value
No switching costs – leverages customers’ existing infrastructure investments


Check out our Simulator for an interactive look at the difference our AI-driven solutions can make in data center energy consumption, costs, and emissions.
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Who we are

Founded in 2015 and based in Boston and Washington DC, Carbon Relay is a team of world-class data scientists, industry experts, and software engineers. Early on, we operated as an AI-focused R&D lab and then shifted to stealth mode while we completed the first commercially available versions of our Predict and Optimize products.

We are backed by and working with some of the world’s largest companies to create dramatic energy efficiencies in their data center operations.

Our team members have two main traits in common. The first is strong respect – awe, really – for the power of AI to solve complex problems. The second is a passionate commitment to the environment. These two traits are woven throughout our company, our products, and everything we do.