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AI-Driven Solutions for Optimal  Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

Advanced data science, deep reinforcement learning, and augmented intelligence that can boost your data centers’ energy efficiency by 5X or more, while preserving uptime.
Increase Energy Efficiency
Increases energy efficiency
Delivers Five Times More Results Than Legacy Tools
Reduce Energy Costs
Cuts Your OpEx and CapEx Dramatically
Lower CO2 Emissions
Eases Compliance and Meets Your Environmental Goals

Dramatically Cut Energy Costs and Reduce CO2 Emissions

Rising energy costs and increasing CO2 emissions are validated, current problems; the directive for operations leaders to drive down energy consumption is clear.

Carbon Relay Has the Answer

Carbon Relay has the answer.  Our AI-driven solutions offer proven ways for customers to achieve efficiency gains that far exceed the marginal gains traditional tools can deliver. That’s right – 5X energy cost savings coupled with major emission reductions.

It’s not magic, it’s AI.

Delivering Unparalleled Energy Efficiency

Carbon Relay’s AI-based solutions enable customers to generate data center energy savings that were previously unattainable.  Our solutions create these results by:

  • Connecting with popular IoT platforms to leverage massive data sets
  • Utilizing advanced reinforcement learning and augmented intelligence technologies
  • Controlling industrial HVAC systems automatically with continuous decision-making
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See Carbon Relay Solutions in Action

Want to see how Carbon Relay’s technology works?  Click the "Try our Simulator" button below to see how we apply our technologies in data centers, driving results previously unattainable. 

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Or, take it a step further and see the superior cost savings our solutions will deliver in your data center. Just provide us with facility blueprints and equipment layout information—our Simulator will do the rest. 

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